Finding a Patent For the Neat Idea

There are a variety of problems within our everyday lives that need solving by creative thinkers. When you have an awesome idea that will make someone's life a little better, that may be worth pursuing. I'm sure you most likely already know that to be able to take the idea from just a considered to a marketable product, you have got to secure a U.S. patent. But, exactly how will a creative thinker as if you start how do you patent an idea?

Well, first of all you must familiarize yourself with how a patent process works. The usa Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) administers patents to inventors who can prove they've got a novel concept that nobody else has been doing before. Even though many people claim that there's really nothing new under the sun, in reality, in '09 there have been over 400,000 U.S. patents filed. So, you can see that other inventors will be more than prepared to keep solving the world's difficulties with original ideas.

When you are just beginning the patent process, the first thing you should do is make certain you document your entire idea in some recoverable format. Including documenting every little feature about the invention was created and the way it'll work. The more details you record, the greater unique the idea becomes. The thing is, while there may be another creation that is similar, it wouldn't be exactly like yours. Your invention has to be the only one of it's kind to be able to qualify for patent protection.

One more thing you'll have to do would be to hunt for patents that are already on record that could be similar or exactly like your idea. If somebody has already thought up and declared the patent, you're out of luck. Let's pretend that you're looking at an idea for any great ipod that can store digital music also it can also store a number of photos and other cool stuff. It's a very sleek design and is sold with detachable earplugs. Hmmm. That sounds an awful lot like an iPod, and you are right. You can not file a patent to get a portable music player that looks and processes the same as what's already in the marketplace.

However, if you came up with an mp3 player that may bounce just like a ball and glows at night, given that will be something could patent as unique. Anyway, you need to do a thorough patent search to ensure that your idea hasn't already been claimed by another person. This can be done yourself, or pay an expert to conduct the quest for you.

Once you have established that nobody has thought of your bouncing music player, you want to spend some money on getting a prototype made. A prototype is a demo sort of your product or service that lets you see results for yourself in the real world. If you don't locate an investor, the money for this will need to come out of your own pocket.

Now it's time to go to the USPTO and file an application for a provisional patent. This is not the final patent, however a preliminary the one that lets you keep focusing on marketing your invention while providing you with full legal protection. For instance, there exists a company considering marketing the bouncing very good music player, but they would love you to create a few tweaks. Make the tweaks then submit an application for the ultimate patent. You are then prepared to license it to the highest bidder to make a nice income.

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